We offer many opportunities for engaging in service in the church and in the community, and invite you to dream with us about how to be more effective in our mission. We are most eager to share the love of Jesus Christ throughout the world and hope that you will join us! Explore the Ministries links below to find out more.


2013 Administrative Council


Brent Beene (Chair)


Members at Large:


Staff members

Bob Anderson (Secretary)

Connie Palmer


David Mertz  (Senior Pastor)

Lyn Walford (Treasurer, Finance)


Dale Flowers


Susan Iliff  (Associate Pastor)

Kevin Dresely (Worship, Music, & Arts)


Sarah Ashworth


Marcee Rogers (Children’s Program Coordinator)

Peter Pantalena


Greg Wilson


Patty Fowler  (Director of Wesley Hall School)


Kathleen Bruns-Meyers (Wesley Hall)


Nancy Anderson


Susan Granski  (Church Administrative Secretary)

Rick Ellsworth (Property Management)


Gloria Broderson



Joann Huber  (Lay Leader, Memorials)


Susan Bottorff


Stina Nanavati (Spiritual Life)




Janet Poland (United Methodist Women)




Marie Walford (Financial Secretary)




Kirk Huber (Staff Parish Relations)




Maria Vitale (Trustees)