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FUMC Drum Circle

What is a drum circle?

   As the name suggests, a drum circle is a group of people who gather in a circle with drums (and other percussion instruments) to create music. This creation of music can be spontaneous or facilitated. In a spontaneous drum circle the music is created by the improvisations of the individual members of the circle. In a facilitated drum circle someone stands in the center of the circle and directs the players. Facilitated drum circles can be loosely or highly structured, depending on the purpose of the group.

Who participates in drum circles?

    Everyone! Due to the improvisatory nature of the drum circle (whether facilitated or not) everyone from those with no formal music training to the most advanced musician can be successful in a drum circle. There is no notation to read, so music literacy is not an issue. For those who want security in knowing what to play they can simply follow the rhythms of their neighbor, the lead drummer(s), or those provided by the facilitator. One can also create his/her own rhythms to go along with what the rest of the group is doing. As long as you have the ability to make a sound with an object, you have the ability to participate in a drum circle.

What is the rationale behind the FUMC Drum Circle?

    The motto of the United Methodist Church is "Open Minds. Open Hearts. Open Doors." It is in the spirit of this inclusiveness that we begin our drum circle. We are all unique and we all have different experiences, but we are equally loved by God. As Romans 12:4-8 (" body with many members...We have many gifts...") reminds us, these differences are gifts from God. The collective is made stronger by the contributions of our individual gifts. The same is true of the drum circle. The more individuals we have with a variety of abilities and each with his/her own personal rhythm, the richer our experience will be. Our rhythms will be inspired by and will inspire the rhythms of other individuals in the group.
    Our group will not be facilitated in the traditional sense. Ours is a spontaneous drum circle with everyone invited to seek the rhythm that seems to fit best for them. However, as Christians we are called to center our lives around the teachings of Jesus, empowered by the Holy Spirit to seek out a right relationship with God and all of creation. The Holy Spirit is our facilitator. It is our hope that the drum circle will enrich your life in the way you need. Perhaps you are stressed and need to relax. Perhaps life seems too structured, too predictable and you feel the need for something spontaneous. Perhaps you just simply want to have fun.
    We come to the drum circle with different abilities, we come to the drum circle with different experiences, and we come to the drum circle with different needs. We will be blessed by your presence and we pray that our presence will be a blessing to you. Come.